Today I Am OK

I can say that this was not an easy process, and I’m still in the throws of full Acceptance. Oddly enough, I had to cycle through some stages a few times before I got to the final stage. I cried myself to sleep. I cancelled all my plans. I finally allowed myself to be angry. I saw him again. I was in denial that things had changed. I bargained, then I got angry all over again. I was a sad shell of a person. I saw him again. I wished him well, meant that shit, and drove far away. Slowly. Surely. I am moving forward. Slowly. Surely. I am remembering who I am.

My middle name, Farahah, is a derivative of an Arabic name meaning “joy.” Today I realized that my mother gave me a gift when she named me. You see, in the midst of the muck and sadness, I somehow forgot that I, literally, am joy. Me! I am joy. And I am enough. Today I am OK. Today I smile. Today I’m living. Today I can breathe easily. Today I hurt a lot less.Today I am hopeful. Today I can laugh from deep within my round belly. Today I glow. Today I remember that my life is a miracle. Today I am free. Today I am grateful.


4 thoughts on “Today I Am OK

  1. Hi Timah, I enjoy reading your blog. Are you still living in the UAE? If so, I would love to meet up with you. I currently live in Dubai and have very little friends, especially black American ones. Talk to you soon.

  2. Hello Timah – I hope that u are still enjoying your life in Dubai. I am a Black male (and Muslim) living in America. After all the drama of being Black in America – I have been contemplating the possibility of relocating to another country. Friends and research has lead me to consider Dubai. However, I dont know where to start. I am a mid-career Marketing Analytics professional running my own company. Are marketing jobs plentiful there? What about business opportunities?

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