This is 30!


I celebrate my birthday the entire month of June. Since this year was my 30th birthday, I packed the month with some fun activities and firsts around NYC. Settle in. This is a long one and it’s picture heavy. 🙂

I opened the celebration with some friends at a free concert in Prospect Park. Janelle Monae put on a great show and I’m definitely a new fan.

I spent the next week getting reaquainted with the sun. Korea really did a number on my complexion, so I had to work on safely getting my chocolatey goodness back. This may not seem like much to many of you, but I have missed summer sunshine and lounging near the ocean.


I love people watching. This group of guys kept me entertained for hours with their antics. They were gracious enough to let me take a photo before I left.


The next week I went to Northern Virginia to visit my cousin Shannon and her family. We spent our days by the pool and our nights catching up over adult beverages.

IMG_1121 IMG_1122

I even found a bar with the Phoenix dart system that I played on in Korean bars. I was a very happy woman that night. It’s the little things.


I taught Shannon how to play, which is comical considering that I’m not that great at darts myself… But I guess a few months dating a champion darts player actually did me some good. I finally made it to 0 and won at 501!


The night before I left town we met up with a few of my girls from Hampton and some ladies from Twitter for kimbap and noraebang karaoke.

Tuna Kimbap (참치 김밥)
Tuna Kimbap (참치 김밥)
Korean Sake… Anyone who has ever seen the disdain some Koreans in Korea have for the Japanese would find this funny.


I wish I could post the footage on here, but I don’t want to get cussed out. Just trust me when I tell you that the shenanigans that went on in that room would have you howling with laughter.

Once I got back to NYC I played hostess to my darling cousin from Atlanta, Alicia. We kicked it into high gear and packed as much stuff into a week as we could.


I gave her a quick tour of lower Manhattan before we walked back to my favorite borough via the Brooklyn Bridge.
IMG_4086 IMG_4092 IMG_4094

As a reward for all the walking we did, we treated ourselves to Shake Shack. This was my first time eating there. I know. I know. Bad, New Yorker! It most certainly won’t be my last. My burger was pretty tasty. I’ll be sure to grab one at JFK before I fly off to the UAE next month.


We brunched with friends the following afternoon and enjoyed some fun time at Coney Island and Brighton beaches.

Unlimited mimosas for the win!


The next day I checked yet another activity off my bucket list. We took a flying trapeze class! I’ll post a more detailed entry about that one later.


Continuing with the bucket list theme, we did a tour of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island the next day.


Since I was recovering from fatigue due to the cold/upper respiratory issues I had been battling all week, we took it easy the next day. We woke up late and went into the city to shop for costume jewelry in the Garment District. You’d be happy to know that I practiced some restraint and only purchased one item. After swinging by the Empire State Building lobby, we visited Heartland Brewery where Alicia had a beer flight and I had the best beer I’ve ever had in life. It’s called Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout and it’s delicious.


We stopped by Macy’s in Herald Square and took an impromptu salsa dance class before we went in. It was such a New York summer moment and I’m glad she got to experience it. After Macy’s we ran into a pop-up market in Greeley Square Park. I couldn’t resist having a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound. I planned to visit them the next day in Brooklyn, but this saved me a trip. Though very tasty, it certainly wasn’t as good as the lobster roll I had in Connecticut.

And then the big day finally arrived! I woke up to birthday bacon, flowers, and cute gifts.


My best friend from high school, Vee, came down from Connecticut to help me celebrate as well. We three sunned on the beach before a crazy storm rolled in… only to be greeted with sunshine and clear skies when we returned home a mere 10 miles away.

We ended the night with a hibachi dinner and lots of laughter.


If you made it this far, you’re a trooper. I had a blast celebrating myself. I think I will do this more often than just once a year. Thank you to everyone who made my birth month so fantastic.




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  1. First of all: Happy Birthday!!!!! 😀 You look absolutely gorgeous by the way.

    Second: Janelle Monae?? OMG I’m jealous! I love her!

    Third: Days by the pool and nights over ‘adult beverages’ – The way to my summer heart.

    Fourth: Boy, you made me miss New York so much. <3

    • 감사합니다! You’ve no idea how much I’ve missed the pool and beach. Let’s make a pact to visit NYC together before 2020. Mkay?

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