Insadong: Shopping at Ssamziegil

Seoul’s neighborhood of Insadong holds a special place in my heart. The mix of old architecture and traditions with more modern ones is right up my alley. I’m highlighting a few of my favorite attractions in a series of posts on Insadong. See the first installment showing my visit to Jogyesa Temple and Cheonggyecheon during the Lotus Lantern Festival here. This time, we’re going to visit Ssamziegil. 



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Plus-Size and Big Shoe Shopping in Korea

I’m a woman who likes stylish yet affordable shoes and clothing. I’m also a big/plus-sized woman who happens to live in one of the skinniest nations in the world. Yay, Korea! Chances are, if you’re a Westerner in Korea, you’re probably considered “big” here as well. Yes, I’m looking at you Ms. Thang who wears a size US 6, 8, or 10.

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