That One Time I Got My Vagina Steamed

To celebrate my friend Salima’s birthday, a trio of expat women trekked to Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa. This spa, or jimjilbang, is the biggest one I’ve been to in Korea. They offer a bevy of services such as hot and cold tubs, wet and dry saunas, the ajumma scrub down, Thai massage, waxing, and the infamous “hip bath” or 채욕 (chai-yok).

Before I left for Korea, my sister-in-law sent me an article about “V-Steam” services being done in California.


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Insadong: Lotus Lantern Festival

Seoul’s neighborhood of Insadong holds a special place in my heart. The mix of old architecture and traditions with more modern ones is right up my alley. It’s here where you can stroll along a beautiful stream, explore art galleries, shop at various handicraft, artisanal and tchotchke/souvenir stores, sample yummy Korean food, or even visit an active Buddhist temple. I’ll be highlighting a few of these gems in a series of posts on Insadong. First, we’ll take a look at my visit to Jogyesa Temple and Cheonggyecheon during the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Jogyesa Temple

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Public Transportation Etiquette: The Korean Edition

seoul metro


Clutch Magazine Online posted an article by The Frisky entitled 21 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Riding Public Transportation. As a native New Yorker who often used subways and buses to get around the city, I would whole-heartedly agree with a few of the listed offenses and suggestions. Actually, I think they can be universally applied to public transport in the US as well as here in Korea:

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