My Christmas Surprise

I took 7 days leave to enjoy most of my college’s winter break away from the office. I had every intention of a lovely staycation where I spent my time sleeping in very late each day and recharging before the final weeks of the semester resume. And then the pending deadlines and office politics and holiday blues hit me pretty hard.

I found myself calling Mr. Glitter to vent about it all on Christmas Eve while sitting at my desk. “I just need a break. I really want to go home and be with my family,” I told him. 

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Visiting the National September 11th Memorial and Museum

My cousin is in town from ATL. Since I was already running some errands in lower Manhattan, we stopped by the National September 11th Memorial and Museum per her request. I’ve purposefully avoided visiting because I know how I am.

South Tower
South Tower Reflecting Pool

I was standing at the site of the South Tower maybe 5 minutes before the tears started. I knew then that going to the museum wasn’t going to happen. All the feelings surrounding that day came rushing back to me.

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