Finding Your Way Around Abu Dhabi

Whenever I first move to a new city, I gas up my car on an early weekend morning and purposefully get myself lost so I can try to find my way home. About a month after I arrived in Abu Dhabi I hired a tiny rental car and did just that.

My Rental Car: Ford Figo


I’m proud to say that I have mostly learned my way around the city after 9 months. Let me tell you, doing that was no small feat. Here’s why.

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Tales from the Abu Dhabi Classroom: On Students Who Cover

Another interesting occurrence that I sometimes take for granted while at my job is my gender. Being female, I am afforded more liberties than my male colleagues. For example, when I want to enter my classroom, I simply open the door and walk through it. Before my male colleagues enter any classroom, they usually knock on the door and announce themselves. This gives the female students a chance to “cover” (or re-cover) if they so choose. What do I mean by “cover”? 

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Abu Dhabi Classroom Comedy: Where Do Babies Come From?

Phew! Things have been a bit tense and serious around here lately. Let’s take a much needed break from discussing heavier things and share some comedy. Recently on Twitter, the lovely @Lekarmasucre asked me some questions about my job. I realize that I haven’t said much about work on the blog. Most of that is by design because… Well, I’d like to remain gainfully employed. While there are many, many things I will not divulge or discuss about my job, there are still plenty of things I can and most certainly will discuss. But before I do, let me give my general disclaimer: the contents posted on are my personal opinions and do not in any way reflect or represent the opinions or positions of my employer or the UAE government. Ahem! Now, let’s get to it…

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