Stop and Start

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Stop letting other people make you feel bad about the choices you make to suit your life. Stop letting other people’s fears and insecurities dictate what you will and will not do. And, for the love of all things chocolate frosted, stop sharing your vision with the perpetually blind, for they will never see the world from your point of view. Instead, start believing in yourself, take risks, change your circle, and pursue your dreams with relentless fervor. 

I wrote those words on Facebook last week and I write them here again as a reminder to myself and any of you who may be reading. For far too long I’ve lived my life obsessively consumed by what other people think and how other people will react. For far too long, I’ve been dulling myself to make others feel brighter. I’ve been shrinking myself so others won’t feel so small. I’ve been quiet when I should have been loud. Weak when I should have been strong. And you know what this did to me? It made me flipping miserable! It was a dark and horrible time living that kind of life. I absolutely refuse to go back there ever again.

I can’t tell you how my story will end, but I know that this moment, right here, right now… The moment where I’ve chosen to stop waiting for others’ approval, the moment where I’ve decided to follow my own internal guidelines… This is the moment where my story begins anew. I see the world with fresh eyes. Not as a place wherein I’m limited by what I can’t do, but as a place that will abundantly provide me with opportunities to learn and experience things that I’ve never imagined were possible.