On the Mend

After I wrote my last post, I called home, had an ugly cry, and stopped feeling sorry for myself. I figured there was a lesson to be learned from this experience so I waited for it to be revealed. In the meantime, I ran cold water over both ankles and wrapped the most injured ankle in a cold towel.

A few hours had passed since my arrival and I knew I had to get moving. I called a taxi driver, Mauricio, whose number was posted on the fridge and went off to the nearest town. God bless Mauricio! He took me to the grocery store and helped me procure some bandages, pain cream, and ice for my ankles. He also waited patiently while I purchased my groceries. Two hours, 40K pesos in cab fare, and 57K pesos for a week’s worth of groceries later, I was feeling much better.

I took my first shower with hot water in 8 days, poured a glass of wine, and cooked dinner and lunch for the next day. I ate on the balcony and felt so humbled, blessed, and grateful for the opportunity to witness this


My grand plans for hiking in the national park and exploring the nearby towns were foiled by my accident. Perhaps the lesson was that I needed to have several seats? Learning how to slow down and relax in this beautiful oceanside apartment has been a wonderful end to my vacation in Colombia.