My Christmas Surprise

I took 7 days leave to enjoy most of my college’s winter break away from the office. I had every intention of a lovely staycation where I spent my time sleeping in very late each day and recharging before the final weeks of the semester resume. And then the pending deadlines and office politics and holiday blues hit me pretty hard.

I found myself calling Mr. Glitter to vent about it all on Christmas Eve while sitting at my desk. “I just need a break. I really want to go home and be with my family,” I told him. I mentioned the possibility of making the next flight out of Abu Dhabi to NYC in 10 hours. And then, without missing a beat, he asked what time I would land. My heart went into overdrive when I walked out of JFK at 9am on Christmas morning to find that man there waiting for me. It’s always lovely when someone picks you up from the airport instead of having to take a taxi. It’s even lovelier when you know that someone got up at O’dark thirty and drove 4 hours across 5 states just so they could be there on time to take you home so you could surprise your family.


When we arrived at my Mom’s house I called her to ask if she had received her Christmas gift yet. I told her it should have been delivered by now, so she should go downstairs and check on the porch. Y’all! If you could have seen her reaction when she found me standing at the door. I couldn’t move fast enough to catch it on video, but good grief. Didn’t know that woman could screamed so loud. You have no idea how much I needed the hug she gave me once she got over her shock.

To sweeten the deal, I FINALLY got to introduce Mom to Mr. Glitter. They didn’t meet when she visited Korea last year as our relationship was still new then and I’m weird like that. Back story: ever since my relationship with He Who Shall Not Be Named, I’ve told my family that I would not be bringing any more boo thangs or boyfriends around for them to meet. “The next and last man I bring home will be my husband,” I’ve said repeatedly. Guess I had to renege on that one. Oops! In the end, I’m glad Mom got her wish to meet the guy who I’ve been rambling on and on and on about over the last 16 months. Even better that it was his idea to make this all happen.

With my Mom and Big Brother #2 surprised, all I had to do was wait to surprise Big Brother #1 and his family when they arrived for the family dinner. The love I felt from my niece and nephews was EH-VUH-REE-THANG! 

Perhaps the best reaction came from Nephew #2. He was coming from the hallway into the kitchen when he saw me. He dropped whatever he was carrying and hurried over to give me the biggest hug and kiss. I almost wept. Auntie missed her babies. Yea, I know my “babies” are 24, 17, and 15… But they will always be my babies.

I spent the rest of Christmas day in family holiday bliss – laughing, cracking jokes, sharing stories, and enjoying everything I needed to replenish my spirit. At some point my (biological) Dad even dropped by for a visit, so that was nice. My Mom sweet talked Mr. G out of his plan to stay for a little while just to say hi and into staying for the rest of the day… then spending the night. She even got him to help her cook and clean. I should have been taking notes on her powerful persuasion techniques. Mr. Glitter held his own through interrogations from Big Brother #1 as I knew he would, and I suspect a bit of a bromance began once they discovered their birthdays were 4 days apart.

We ended the night talking smack while playing a game of Monopoly… that lasted over 5 hours. Fun times!

There were so many moments when all I could do was sit back and soak it all in with a smile.

I still have a few days left of my vacation so I’m looking forward to more moments like that. Overall, I’m ridiculously grateful for the opportunity to come home and spend time with the people I love.

Until next time… Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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  1. What an amazing surprise for your family, hun. I wish I could have done something like that I’m so happy for you. It’s a little belated but happy holidays!

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