Lost in Translation

I’m learning to read, write, and speak Korean very slowly. I can get by on English and the very few words I know in Korean. However, there have been many times when I just didn’t have a clue where to begin. It’s during those times that I use a translation app.

My bank sends me a text message every time my debit card is used. Today, I decided to translate the message they sent me using one of my favorite translation apps.


See, this foolishness is why I need to learn Korean quickly. You can’t always rely on a translation app.

To be fair, I did tap the alternate translation and got back something like this.


Much better, right?

Starting this week I will be dedicating 1 hour each weekday to studying Korean. I have a long way to go, but I think I may be conversational by the end of my contract if I buckle down and try my best.


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