Korean Air Rocked My World

*March 11, 2013*

I’m only 2 hours into my flight and I’m already loving the service on Korean Air.

There was a pillow, pashmina-like blanket and bottle of water waiting for me on my seat when I boarded. Ok, fine. This stuff was on everyone’s seat in Economy, but I still felt special. Once I settled into my seat next to a cute little ajumma, I began to relax. Check out this entertainment system.


There’s a hook for your coat, a USB port to charge my iStuff, and an awesome selection of movies on demand.

And then the real service began. The flight attendants distributed an amenity pack with a pair of slippers, toothbrush & paste, and a set of headphones. Let’s see what movies I’m going to watch…

Oooh! It’s time for the food and drink service.

Round 1: Pineapple juice with honey roasted peanuts.

Round 2: more drinks and peanuts – I opted for red wine.

Round 3: your choice of dinner – I chose the bibimbap. It even came with instructions.

Round 4: more wine? I’m still eating my dinner at this point.

Round 5: tea?

Round 6: more wine? Jackpot!

Round 7: coffee? I was all tapped out. Good thing, too, because the next thing they did was clear my tray and dim the lights…

I should totally be asleep right now, but I’m wired! And there are so many cool movies to watch. I will probably pay for this tomorrow, but I don’t care…

Oh, it’s Round 8 and I almost missed it. More peanuts and water or juice…

I had a few winks of sleep before I gave up and succumbed to the changing time zone. Just in time for the flight attendants to simulate a sunrise with the cabin lights. By now I feel like a trained monkey. Whenever the lights come on, I get all giddy because that means there will be food soon…

Around 6 hours remaining of my 14 hour flight now. Ooh! It’s a warm, wet towel service. I like! They appear to be serving some type of breakfast or lunch. It’s 9:36 pm in NYC and 10:36 am in Seoul.


I was wrong. Definitely not breakfast. More like an early lunch. Beef and rice (bulgogi?) and a small piece of lox atop a salad with a nice surprise of cheesecake drizzled with chocolate sauce.


And now that trays are cleared, the cabin lights are dimming once again. Your girl is out for the count.


As you could probably tell by my somewhat real-time writings above, I truly enjoyed my flight from NYC’s Kennedy Airport to Seoul’s Incheon Airport with Korean Air. Their service was top notch and I had plenty of room in Economy for my wide hips and thick legs 🙂 Whenever I have to make this journey again, I’ll definitely be flying them versus flying with an American carrier. Here are 3 things you might consider if you’re taking this flight:

1) Time. It’s a direct flight to/from an airport that is 20 minutes away from my family’s house in NYC. Personally, I don’t care for layovers. The process of take-off, landing, de-boarding, re-boarding, take-off again, landing yet again is not my idea of a fun time. Besides, a layover means you can add anywhere from 4-10 hours extra to an already incredibly long haul flight. For example, when my family visited me in September and flew with an American carrier from JFK, they had a layover in SFO. Their journey took them 20 hours compared to my 14. No, thanks!

2) Baggage Allowance. At the time of my flight, the baggage allowance for economy passengers flying between USA and Korea on Korean Air was 2 bags. The allowance for most American carriers? Only 1. I don’t know about you, but if I’m moving across the world for a year or more, I’d like to have an extra bag free of charge.

3) Price. Okay, this one is a bit tricky. I could have saved around $250 on airfare by using an American carrier, but it wasn’t worth it. Why? See numbers 1 and 2.  Also, I checked 3 bags (not recommended) and only paid $100 extra for the convenience. Had I flown with an American carrier and the same amount of bags, we’re looking at anywhere between $200-$300 in baggage fees alone. There goes my savings. In the end, I still made out like a bandit because my flight allowance was somewhere around $1400 and I only paid around $900 for my flight and extra baggage combined.

Bonus: Still not convinced flying Korean Air is a good move? The miles you earn on this airline can be transferred to your Delta Sky Miles account. A few trips back and forth from USA to the ROK and you’d likely have a nice chunk of mileage saved up for a free flight or other rewards.


Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to write this review by Korean Air or Delta. All opinions expressed are my own. However, I’d happily accept a free flight or medallion status if you’re reading, Korean Air/Delta 🙂


9 thoughts on “Korean Air Rocked My World

    • Same. You definitely get what you pay for. Can’t even imagine what the service was like in business and first class. Maybe they have showers that refresh you with unicorn tears or something.

    • Thanks. That was the longest flight I’ve ever had in my life. I boarded sleep-deprived and emotionally spent from leaving everyone I knew behind. Oddly, I think my exhaustion was helpful as I slept for most of the flight.

      • Wow, that is great that you slept through most of it! You need to re-energize. The first plane flight I ever took was from New York to Hawaii with one stop over. I was green the entire way, lol. The whole motion sickness and fear just did me in :-/

  1. Korean Air really do have the best service from what I’ve experienced… On a short flight to HK (3 hours and a half) they serve you snacks, a meal, and on top of the dessert you get with your meal, strawberry cheesecake ice cream lol

    • True. I’ve flown them, via Garuda Indonesia, to Bali and enjoyed the service as well. There was a bit of a SNAFU on my return flight where we were delayed over 18 hours due to mechanical failure and poor communication by the grounds crew. But the in-flight service was still great – wine and ice cream for all. Letters of apology, envelopes stuffed with cash, and transportation vouchers also awaited each passenger immediately upon landing. All is forgiven.

  2. Okay, I still have to buy my ticket from London to Seoul and now I’m seriously considering checking out what Korean Air have to offer. You’ve sold me, girl.

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