I’ve Got A Golden Ticket

I finally got my visa and flight information from my employer. Wahoo! I’m leaving a day earlier than scheduled. At some point I should start packing. I’ll begin in earnest this weekend. It shouldn’t be too difficult (famous last words?). I packed up my teeny, tiny Korean apartment and a year’s worth of crap in less than 2 weeks. This should be infinitely easier since I can always store whatever I don’t need immediately at my Mom’s house.

When I left for Korea I left some items at home to be mailed at a later date. It took longer than I would have liked because those things were scattered all about. This time, however, I will pack and label an extra box or two to be sent once I have an address. Nothing major. Just some art work, extra hair supplies, winter clothing (for vacations), and miscellaneous items. Of course, this is all talk since I’ve not yet packed a single item. Who knows what will and will not fit into my luggage?

And so I begin the race against the clock and the dance of the agains. Tying up loose ends and making contingency plans for when things go wrong in my absence. Stuffing belongings into suitcases so as to avoid as many overage fees as possible. Saying goodbye to my family again. Preparing myself for the runaround that is completing and submitting immigration paperwork to establish myself in a new place again. Being the new kid on the block again. Enjoying the chance to live a life I only dared to dream about and feeling blessed again. 🙂


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