Islas Rosarios


Islas Rosarios can totally be skipped, in my opinion… Unless you sail there on a small and fast boat that goes straight to Playa Blanca. We sailed 40 minutes to I have no clue where and spent an hour at an aquarium. I opted not to buy a ticket to see marine life I’ve seen plenty of times in other countries. We then sailed another 20-30 minutes to the beach.

Highlight of this trip? The coco rice they served for lunch was the best I’ve had since I’ve been here. (Edit: The coco rice I had on the island no longer holds this title. My friend’s wife and a restaurant in the walked city are currently vying for the top spot.) As for the actual beach? It’s pretty, but between the vendors and 50 million guys trying to sell banana boat and jet ski rides, it wasn’t appealing for me. There wasn’t really a big area to swim/float without having hoards of people nearby.

I think I prefer smaller sails. While they are usually much more expensive than the 35,000 pesos (about $20) I paid for the voyage and lunch, it lacked character. There weren’t any complimentary drinks flowing and the boat was quite slow. If you’d like to visit, here are my suggestions:

  • eat breakfast before you leave
  • take a smaller boat that goes directly to the beach
  • bring a cooler full of drinks and snacks
  • bring cash in small bills in case you ignored my advice above because you will want fruit, ice cream or a coconut snack on the way home
  • if you listen to nothing else, take this voyage with good company and have a great attitude – your company and attitude determine what type of trip you will have.

Despite the shortcomings of the island for me, I’m glad I went. I did get a few good shots and took some video footage of the cruise.