Insadong: Where to Eat

This is the final installment of my series on Seoul’s neighborhood of Insadong. If you missed any of the other posts, check them out here and here. Today’s post is all about food. Try not to drool too heavily on your keyboard. 

So you’ve fed your spirit by visiting Jogyesa temple. You’ve fed your consumerist tendencies by shopping at many of the souvenir shops and Ssamziegil. Where do you go to feed your belly? If you don’t fancy stopping at any of the many street vendors hawking various types of street foods, or sitting at the outdoor food cafe, then I have one suggestion for you…

Eat here! You won’t regret it.


I’d love to tell you the name of the restaurant, but I’m not completely sure… So, let’s just call it Well-being Insadong. They serve traditional Korean fare like hot pot bibimbap, pajeon, and my new favorite dish, Ssambabjib.


If you’re still not convinced, have a look at the deliciousness below.


Besides enjoying the yummy smoked duck which I wrapped in a variety of lettuces, I loved the abundance and variety of side dishes on offer. There was something for everyone – from sweet to savory to spicy. There was probably enough food here to feed a small village, but the 6 of us did a great job polishing off each plate. Hooray for team work!


How to get here: Exiting the Ssamziegel shopping center, turn left and continue walking on the main pedestrian walkway. The restaurant should be located in the 3rd alley on your left. Look for small, blue and white ceramic tiles to lead the way.

If you’re still hungry (unlikely) or fancy a sweet snack after that big meal, why not try one of these weird shaped ice cream cones?


I don’t exactly know the reason why many of them are shaped this way, or why my friend posed like this, but I’m told it’s tasty.


If you fancy a bit of a show with your after dinner sweets, then you can’t go wrong by one of the 16,000 Honey String vendors. They prepare a delicious snack called, King’s Dessert (also: Dragon’s Beard, or 16,000 Honey Strings), made of honey and cornstarch filled with your choice of nuts, chocolate, and fruit. Check them out in action.


Do you have a favorite food spot in Insadong? Share in the comments below.


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