Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 32nd birthday! What did I do? Spoiled myself rotten. I treated myself to a massage and mani/pedi this morning. Then, a few friends threw me a birthday party. It’s Ramadan in the UAE so having a big bashment blowout wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I opted for something more low-key and simple. I was surrounded by some good friends who joined me in getting henna and feasting on Popeye’s fried chicken and sparkling wine. It’s all about balance, folks.

Toward the end of the gathering I opened my big mouth and said, “I would like y’all to give me a makeover.” I’ve gained a crap ton of weight in the last year and nothing truly flattering fits me anymore. This is what friends are for. To say my girls are excited is an understatement. These women are extra giddy about the prospect of making me over. The deal is that they get to go through my closet, overhaul everything, advise me on what to stock up on when I get to proper clothing stores in the USA, and I cannot complain. That last part may be the biggest ask of all. This is what happens when you allow others to help you. You’ve gotta go with it. I’m nervous as hell, but it’s time for a bit of sprucing up. Shallow as it may seem, the saying is true (at least for me): When you look good, you feel good. I’m ready for some more feel good.

I also promised myself that, after 7 years of being in 2 significant relationships, I would finally begin dating again this summer. In the last year I have kept a vow of celibacy and genuinely learned how to enjoy my own company. Conclusion: like everyone else, I’m flawed… but, dammit, I’m pretty awesome. Two of the four ladies have said they would set me up on blind dates. They get one each. This should be… interesting.The last time some friends suggested a guy for me he turned out to be more of a creepy, inconsiderate, oddball in person than any of us could have EVER imagined. While this won’t turn into a dating blog, I may invite you all along for the ride from time time. This is a new year and I’d like to try some things that I haven’t tried in a long while or ever before. Big ups to Shonda Rhimes and her book, Year of Yes, for giving me the courage to give this a go.


Wish me luck!


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  1. Good luck. I just had a similar conversation with my girlfriend yesterday. You have to love you first.

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