July 12, 2014

Things have been very quiet here on LiveTravelMore and for good reason. I finished my last leg of family vacations with a trip to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

I have sunned and been soaked on the sand of Virginia Beach. Thanks, hurricane season.


Visited the Outer Banks region of North Carolina where I shopped and ate my fair share of snacks and seafood.

Got my tightly coiled hair straightened and cut.


Was adopted by a friend’s family 🙂


Spent some quality time with my cousins.


Went to my beloved Home by the Sea, Hampton University, where I marveled at the changes taking place on campus.


IMG_4323 IMG_4310

I even got to teach my mother a history lesson.

IMG_4335 This gorgeous tree is a historic landmark on HU’s campus called Emancipation Oak.


During the Civil War, escaped slaves who fled to the area around HU were considered “contrabands of war” and would not be returned to bondage. The newly freed slaves were then educated at the site of the big oak tree despite laws that made this activity illegal. It is also the site of one of the first Southern readings of the Emancipation Proclamation.



Although I’m supposed to leave next month, there’s nothing new to report on the UAE move front. No plane tickets have been issued as of yet, so I don’t have a firm departure date. I don’t have a firm departure date, so I haven’t even begun to pack. Perhaps I’m still in denial that this is happening? I’ll pack in another week… Maybe.