How Bizarre: Eating Korean Food

Confession: I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I think the combination looks gross and shouldn’t be paired. I’ve vowed never to eat one because of those reasons.

Admittedly, before coming to Korea I wasn’t much of an adventurous eater. I love watching Andrew Zimmern’s show Bizarre Foods and being totally amazed and grossed out by the things he eats. Many of the things that man put in his mouth I have also vowed that I would never eat. You know what they say, right? Never say never! Continue reading “How Bizarre: Eating Korean Food”

Friday Funday: The Corn Incident

I believe in ending things on a high note, so this will be the end of the very short-lived Friday Funday series. Why? Because it’s my blog and I do as I please. 


I met up with my neighbors and fellow GEPIK teachers, Dave & Rachelle of SushiFrenchfries, to celebrate the start of the weekend. We had some fun sampling Korean liquors and ice creams. Some things Korea gets totally right… Other things – like corn ice cream? Not so much. You get a big fail from all of us for that one, Korea. Anyway, here’s the footage of how I spent my Friday night.


For my family and friends who are reading: You will try at least 1 of these items – or at least something strange while you’re visiting me. You’ve been warned.