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5 Things I Love About Colombia

I’m back in NYC after spending 2 wonderful weeks in Cartagena and Santa Marta, Colombia. As I look at the snow on the ground outside my house, I am silently kicking myself for not extending my trip another week. I suppose...

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On the Mend

After I wrote my last post, I called home, had an ugly cry, and stopped feeling sorry for myself. I figured there was a lesson to be learned from this experience so I waited for it to be revealed. In the meantime, I ran cold...

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Humility in Santa Marta

I woke up on Monday morning feeling pretty darn excited. The cold/sinusitis/allergies I’d acquired on Wednesday was easing up. This was the day I was going to take the door-to-door service to my beachside condo rental in...

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Islas Rosarios

Islas Rosarios can totally be skipped, in my opinion… Unless you sail there on a small and fast boat that goes straight to Playa Blanca. We sailed 40 minutes to I have no clue where and spent an hour at an aquarium. I...

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Since it was a holiday (3 Kings Day) when I arrived on Sunday and Monday, I had to wait until Tuesday to activate my cell phone. And, because I happen to have an iPhone, I could only get the necessary microSIM card by visiting a...

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I’m currently in beautiful and sunny Cartagena, Colombia. The high today, tomorrow, and pretty much every day I will be here is approximately 90 degrees with about 110% humidity 🙂 Ai! Que calor! I’ve tried to write...

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Cartagena or Bust!

I’m likely 30,000 feet in the air and on my way to South America as you read this. I was told by a local friend to pack lightweight clothing, so I checked the weather… Ha! I left the wintery ice box that is NYC this...

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