How to Survive a Long Haul Flight in Economy

Sitting on a plane for several hours is not my idea of fun, but long haul flights are a necessary evil when you’re traveling around the world. I had a 13 hour flight last week so I thought I’d share the things that helped to make the voyage bearable. Since I’m not a baller, I fly “Coach” or “Economy” or whatever the airlines are calling the section where you sit with 200 strangers breathing in each other’s recycled air. If you’re flying in Business or First class, then this list may not be for you.

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How To Get US Documents Authenticated for the UAE

Chances are you found this page because you’ve been asked to gather and verify educational documents for your new job in the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE). While I’m quite familiar with the process of obtaining an Apostille, I learned a new term during my UAE recruitment process – “authentication” (sometimes used interchangeably with “attestation“). Since the UAE is NOT a part of the Hague Convention, they do not recognize an apostille on US documents. Instead, you will need to have your documents “authenticated.” This means you have a bit of legwork ahead of you. Don’t worry. If you follow the steps below, you should have no issues.

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Visiting the National September 11th Memorial and Museum

My cousin is in town from ATL. Since I was already running some errands in lower Manhattan, we stopped by the National September 11th Memorial and Museum per her request. I’ve purposefully avoided visiting because I know how I am.

South Tower
South Tower Reflecting Pool

I was standing at the site of the South Tower maybe 5 minutes before the tears started. I knew then that going to the museum wasn’t going to happen. All the feelings surrounding that day came rushing back to me.

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