Visiting the National September 11th Memorial and Museum

My cousin is in town from ATL. Since I was already running some errands in lower Manhattan, we stopped by the National September 11th Memorial and Museum per her request. I’ve purposefully avoided visiting because I know how I am.

South Tower
South Tower Reflecting Pool

I was standing at the site of the South Tower maybe 5 minutes before the tears started. I knew then that going to the museum wasn’t going to happen. All the feelings surrounding that day came rushing back to me.

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A Weekend in Connecticut

My best friend from high school, Vee, and her hubby, R, purchased their first house while I was in Korea. They invited me over to hang out for a sunny weekend of fun. I opted for an early morning train ride via Metro North instead of driving the 3 hours to Connecticut. What a great choice. No gas, no tolls, and no road rage from lunatic drivers escaping the city for the weekend.

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