That One Time I Got My Vagina Steamed

To celebrate my friend Salima’s birthday, a trio of expat women trekked to Seoul’s Dragon Hill Spa. This spa, or jimjilbang, is the biggest one I’ve been to in Korea. They offer a bevy of services such as hot and cold tubs, wet and dry saunas, the ajumma scrub down, Thai massage, waxing, and the infamous “hip bath” or 채욕 (chai-yok).

Before I left for Korea, my sister-in-law sent me an article about “V-Steam” services being done in California.


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안돼 is a Korean phrase which, like most of my Korean, I picked up from my students. Whenever we’d play a game (aka Timah Teacher’s sneaky way to get them to practice this week’s English key expressions), this phrase was shouted fiftyleven times. In most cases, it was used to mean something like “No way!” Adding 요 at the end of the phrase makes it polite – as when a younger person speaks to an elder.

Anyway, I miss Korean kids and their knack for ovary-hurting cuteness. So, I got my fix by watching this video of a hilarious little girl. Watch her shenanigans as her Mom tries to teach her important life lessons. “안돼요!!”

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in Hangul, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here.

Why I Left Korea

I left Korea 2 days ago. My decision was impulsive and I’m still unsure if it was the right move. If I’m honest, I’ll admit that I ran away again. I wasn’t happy. As things started to fall apart, I self-medicated with alcohol. It wasn’t pretty.

Every day I sat at my job, the more I hated myself for settling. When I thought of my new university position, I hated myself even more. Teaching English is NOT what I want to do for the rest of my life. What the hell did I get a PhD in Psychology for if I was never going to use it? Why did I keep applying for jobs elsewhere when I already had an offer? Continue reading “Why I Left Korea”

Korean Air Rocked My World

*March 11, 2013*

I’m only 2 hours into my flight and I’m already loving the service on Korean Air.

There was a pillow, pashmina-like blanket and bottle of water waiting for me on my seat when I boarded. Ok, fine. This stuff was on everyone’s seat in Economy, but I still felt special. Once I settled into my seat next to a cute little ajumma, I began to relax. Check out this entertainment system. Continue reading “Korean Air Rocked My World”