Guess Who Was Nominated for a Liebster Award?

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The wonderful Jessica of Tiny Portal recently nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thanks! It’s an award given to bloggers by bloggers. Cool, right? liebster_award1-1_thumb1   I’m supposed to answer Jessica’s questions, then nominate some other fabulous bloggers to answer some questions I’ve created. Y’all know I’m wordy, so let’s get cracking!

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10 Random Thoughts in Abu Dhabi

I haven’t written anything on here since my return from Zanzibar. I’m really not in the mood to write a long post, but I really need to get back into the swing of things. Allow me a little brain dump post to begin.

1. The Game of Thrones intro scene is way too damn long.

2. I’m still struggling to get through House of Cards Season 3. It took me 4 attempts to finish the first episode.

3. If another one of you people in my FB newsfeed live tweet Scandal or Grey’s one more time… Seriously, people. We’ve been through this. Twitter is for live updates. Is nowhere safe?

4. The internet/cable/mobile company keeps calling me to upgrade my service. My internet would be faster, I’d have basic cable, and a home land line for the same price I’m currently paying for internet service. Pretty sweet deal, yes? Well, they also want to lock me into a 1-year contract. Nope. Nope. And nope. When I asked them how much it would be to upgrade my internet without contract they told me it wouldn’t be possible. Oh well. I’ll stick with what I have.

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Team Glitter Goes on Vacation

A few months ago there was an error fare where flights from Abu Dhabi to Dar Es Salaam were $201 USD. Naturally, being the Frugal McDougal I am, I jumped on it. For Spring Break, I had visions of a week in Tanzania and 19 hours in the Seychelles. It was to be a luxurious, peaceful, relaxing, solo island vacation… And then I started missing Mr. Glitter something fierce, so I let go of that independent woman solo traveler business and strong-armed invited him to join me. My solo trip turned into my first international #baecation and I regret absolutely nothing! Actually, that’s a lie. I regret that we didn’t get more time together. Y’all already know by now how much I love me some him.

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How Mr. Glitter Got His Name

On social media, I currently refer to the love of my life by a codename. This is confusing for some and amusing for many. Most of all, it has prompted a few brave souls to ask me similar questions. Well, boys and girls, I’m finally going to answer them. Gather around, children. Let me tell you a few stories…

Why do I use codenames?

When I first started blogging (on another site) in 2006, I often shared tales of my dating and relationship adventures. When discussing the guy du jour I would always do so by giving him a codename such as The Sequel, The Crazy Professor, The Omega, or The New Guy. Somewhere along the line I started following a pattern of formality by naming the guys variants of Mister – Mr. Kickball, Mr. Summer Dance, and then just plain old Mr. (as in, “M-I-S-T-E-Arrah, period.” Though, at the end of the relationship it felt more like “At home fixin’ to shaaaave”). Using codenames is standard practice amongst my girlfriends because it’s easier to remember who we’re discussing when sharing stories about our dating lives, so I kept up the tradition in my online musings.

The guys were named for their most memorable characteristic or based on the circumstance in which we met. The Sequel? He was the guy I dated after I finally closed the chapter on a very sordid love story and swore off love. The Crazy Professor?

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My Christmas Surprise

I took 7 days leave to enjoy most of my college’s winter break away from the office. I had every intention of a lovely staycation where I spent my time sleeping in very late each day and recharging before the final weeks of the semester resume. And then the pending deadlines and office politics and holiday blues hit me pretty hard.

I found myself calling Mr. Glitter to vent about it all on Christmas Eve while sitting at my desk. “I just need a break. I really want to go home and be with my family,” I told him. 

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