Frozen Beer at Kirin Ichiban Garden

kirin ichiban frozen beer

If you’re in Seoul between now and July 2nd get thee to the Sinsa area ASAP! The Kirin Ichiban Garden, a pop-up restaurant/bar featuring frozen beer, will only be around for a few more days before it moves to another city.

kirin ichiban frozen beer

I first learned about this place after seeing a post from fellow blogger Gemma over at A Fat Girl’s Guide to Eating in Korea. She went earlier this month and talked about it here. I wanted in on the fun as well so I dragged another expat English teacher with me to check it out. We arrived around 5:20 and waited in line until they opened at 6pm.

There was a brief moment when we considered whether it would be worth it, but as we were mulling over our decision the line grew exponentially behind us. Yea, you better believe we stayed. I recommend you get there early and wait in line so you can be seated either outside or in one of the 3 areas inside. There’s also a standing-room lounge area inside. Despite the fact that we were the only foreigners there (from what I could see), it was the first time that I felt at home in Seoul. The hip and trendy crowd looked to be around 25 and up and reminded me of places in NYC where I would frequent with a good group of friends. Enough nostalgia from this girl, I’m sure you want to know more about the highlight of this place – frozen beer.


The frozen beer, called mana, is actually beer served with a slushy/frozen foam. The dense foam keeps the beer cold without diluting the taste. In addition to beer, there were a few different food items on offer for their dinner menu. They were sold out of the 10,000 KRW special of burger, fries, and beer when we went so I opted for a steak salad instead. Though it’s an appetizer serving, the steak is cooked to absolute perfection and is the perfect compliment to the frozen beer. The garlic potato wedges and quesadillas weren’t half bad either.


I really liked the space because it managed to be intimate and group-friendly at the same time. The crowd was posh – yet not overly stuffy or pretentious. Overall, it was a great vibe. So much so that we stayed well over 2 hours. I also enjoyed my visit because we received great service. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that my friend is apparently model material here in Korea and we were treated to free beers in exchange for our pictures and an interview. At any rate, I still believe this place will leave a favorable impression on you as well. Just get there before they close their doors and another pop-up pub is in its place.


How to get there: Take Line 3 to Sinsa, Exit 8. Walk straight from the exit for 2 blocks and turn left at Missa. Walk down this road for 2-3 blocks and the beer garden is on your left. It’s located across the street from Lacoste and just before the Fossil store.


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