You Call This Spicy?

Andrew Zimmern is now following me on Twitter. Whoa! I guess my Bizarre Foods posts and tweets got his attention.

Speaking of food… I have had the hardest time finding spicy food in Korea. I came to the conclusion that either Korean food isn’t as spicy as many may think it is, or that Koreans are afraid to serve this Westerner anything too spicy for fear that I can’t handle it.

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How Bizarre: Eating Korean Food

Confession: I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I think the combination looks gross and shouldn’t be paired. I’ve vowed never to eat one because of those reasons.

Admittedly, before coming to Korea I wasn’t much of an adventurous eater. I love watching Andrew Zimmern’s show Bizarre Foods and being totally amazed and grossed out by the things he eats. Many of the things that man put in his mouth I have also vowed that I would never eat. You know what they say, right? Never say never!

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