Something’s Missing: Saudade and Sehnsucht

In my 6 month Abu Dhabi update, I admitted to having a major meltdown and battling depression. This post is my attempt at deciphering why this shit keeps happening to me and how to overcome it. 

What I feel is beyond homesickness. I am longing for something  and/or someone missing. Koreans call it keurium (그리움), but what I feel is so much more. It’s a deep yearning and aching desire. The Portuguese have a beautiful word to perfectly describe my ailment – saudadeThe Germans also have a word for it, sehnsuchtI’m struggling with the love that remains, the love that is away, and the yearning for ideal or alternative experiences. Here’s why…

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Oktoberfest in Abu Dhabi

While in a beverage shop 😉 last month I saw an advert for Oktoberfest in Abu Dhabi. Wait. What? Yes, I still live in a very Muslim country.




A much smaller version of the original festival held in Munich, this one was held on one of my favorite islands here, Yas Island – home of the famous Ferrari World and Formula 1 racetrack.  I invited a coworker to join me for what I was sure would be a good time. Was it ever!

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