Ask and Answer

Today, I finally had the guts to let my heart’s desires be known. Firmly and directly, I asked for what I truly wanted then waited for an answer. One one thousand… Two one thousand… Three one thousand… Four. The seconds passed by slowly. My heart rate quickened. A faint smile flashed, re-appeared and lingered, then disappeared before lips were parted again. The answer? The answer?!

Was not yes. Ouch! Didn’t see that one coming.

So now what? Now I superglue my tattered heart, tuck my tail between my legs, pick my head up and sassily switch my hips in the opposite direction. It’s better this way, I tell myself. The worst part is over. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You put yourself out there. You were brave enough to finally ask. And now you have an answer.

Somewhere off in the distance a small voice sings, “Delayed does not mean denied. Wait and see. Wait and see.” But then I remember the last time I waited. And waited. And waited… And when I looked up, 4 years had passed and I could no longer recognize myself. No. No more waiting. No more holding out for someday. My happiness is non-negotiable and cannot be delayed for a maybe. Unless the answer is yes an emphatic and enthusiastic HELL YES! I have got to walk away.

Remember, we don’t settle for crumbs when what we really want is the whole damn cake. Go out into the world, love. Be fierce. Be brave. Shine on. Make your own damn glitter!


4 thoughts on “Ask and Answer

  1. Love this. If you never ask, you will never know. You deserve a large and resounding “HELL YES” and don’t stop till you get it!

  2. I resonate so much with this. And that’s right, girl – Unless the answer is a yes straight away, walk away from it.

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