Insadong: Lotus Lantern Festival

Seoul’s neighborhood of Insadong holds a special place in my heart. The mix of old architecture and traditions with more modern ones is right up my alley. It’s here where you can stroll along a beautiful stream, explore art galleries, shop at various handicraft, artisanal and tchotchke/souvenir stores, sample yummy Korean food, or even visit an active Buddhist temple. I’ll be highlighting a few of these gems in a series of posts on Insadong. First, we’ll take a look at my visit to Jogyesa Temple and Cheonggyecheon during the Lotus Lantern Festival.

Jogyesa Temple

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Brain Dump

Bay-bay!!! I haven’t smiled this much or felt this way in YEARS! I’ve been floating since we met. Butterflies and mentionitis in full swing. Nose. Wide. Open! It’s scary. It’s exciting. It’s overwhelming. I’m trying to pace myself. I’m spinning. I’m happy. I’m grateful.

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The It Factor

Timah Livetravelmore


“There’s just something about you.” I’ve heard this line in various forms quite frequently throughout my life. In my childhood, it often translated into being shown favoritism and fodness by influential adults. In adulthood, it has most often been said by whatever dude is bending my ear to become Mr. Timah for the moment. As such, I usually smile and dismiss it as nice things men say to women they want to bed…

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