10 Random Thoughts in Abu Dhabi

I haven’t written anything on here since my return from Zanzibar. I’m really not in the mood to write a long post, but I really need to get back into the swing of things. Allow me a little brain dump post to begin.

1. The Game of Thrones intro scene is way too damn long.

2. I’m still struggling to get through House of Cards Season 3. It took me 4 attempts to finish the first episode.

3. If another one of you people in my FB newsfeed live tweet Scandal or Grey’s one more time… Seriously, people. We’ve been through this. Twitter is for live updates. Is nowhere safe?

4. The internet/cable/mobile company keeps calling me to upgrade my service. My internet would be faster, I’d have basic cable, and a home land line for the same price I’m currently paying for internet service. Pretty sweet deal, yes? Well, they also want to lock me into a 1-year contract. Nope. Nope. And nope. When I asked them how much it would be to upgrade my internet without contract they told me it wouldn’t be possible. Oh well. I’ll stick with what I have.

5. I’ve joined a Biggest Loser competition for ladies in my apartment complex. So far, I’m the biggest winner. Yep, I’m actually gaining weight. Doh!

6. There are 3 pools and 2 jacuzzis in my complex. One of those pools is a children only pool, the other is a lap pool for adults only, and the last is for everyone.  When the kiddie pool is under repair, there’s an influx of children in pool #3. I’ve sat in the cabanas and sunned on the loungers once or twice while watching kids gleefully splash about. After almost 8 months, I was prepared to take a dip in the pool… Until a kid pooped in it. Not once, but twice. It took me another month to make myself get back in there.

7. I love living in a country with women who are just as hairy as I am. This is in contrast to the naturally hairless wonders (save for their vagina bangs) that were Korean women.  Threading and waxing services, depilatory creams, razor cartridges and shaving cream are all affordable and easy to find in Abu Dhabi.

8. I loathe doing laundry. LOATHE! I get my work clothes dry cleaned. I think I’ll also have my linen laundered as well. They take entirely too long to dry in my washer/dryer combo. Though it seems a bit ridiculous, I’m happy to pay for the convenience of having someone pick up laundry and deliver it back to me perfectly folded or hung.

9. Speaking of convenience, I also pay to have my house cleaned. Best. Decision. EVER! Once a week, a company sends in 2 ladies with all the cleaning supplies needed and they magically make my apartment sparkle. At the price of $12/hour, it’s likely the best money I’ve spent here. When (or if) I move back to the USA, I’m definitely going to find a cleaning company to help me keep house.

10. I love desert camping. Can’t wait for it to cool off again so I can go back.


3 thoughts on “10 Random Thoughts in Abu Dhabi

  1. I love your brain dumps haha.

    Ew about the pool! Gross. I’m not sure if I could stand trying to enjoy time in the pool while being surrounded by kids. Especially pooing kids.

    Desert camping sounds so good. Then again, I’ve never really been camping anywhere so what do I know?

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